If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.
~Pearl Buck

Historic buildings and sites bring Shanghai’s history into our daily lives. Past economic, social, architectural and cultural development is embodied in these structures and sites which serve as important measures of the city’s progress. The style and construction of a building provides an excellent mirror which reflects the values and circumstances that shaped it. Designation of heritage buildings as protected heritage property is a legislative tool which ensures they remain a legacy for future generations.

Based on these values, we chose and select the properties which we find great joy in refurbishing, its never an easy task especially here in China, but the challenges is what make us or break us. After all what is there if not a good meaningful struggle. We want our guest to share our love and passion for everything historical that are far from perfect yet provides the feeling of eternal beauty waiting to shine again.

Historic Place: a structure, building, group of buildings, district, landscape, archaeological site or other place in Shanghai that has been formally recognized for its heritage value.

Heritage Value: the aesthetic, historic, scientific, cultural, social or spiritual importance or significance for past, present and future generations. The heritage value of a historic place is embodied in its character-defining materials, forms, location, spatial configurations, uses and cultural associations or meanings.

Character-defining Element: the materials, forms, location, spatial configurations, uses and cultural associations or meanings that contribute to the heritage value of a historic place, which must be retained to preserve its heritage value.


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